Cosmic Highway v1.0

Today sees the second 2400 game, Cosmic Highway, a game of space truckers trying to keep their ship in the air, inspired by Firefly, The Expanse, and the Mothership RPG. 

Working in this tight format—just two sides of a letter-sized page, with a quarter of my space taken up by a cover—forces me to practice great restraint. It's easy to just keep adding things to games until they get very bloated, but I wanted to do (or at least start) 2400 as a series of self-contained games that you could pick up and play quickly, without reading a bunch of rules. This meant cutting out a ton of gear upgrades and cybernetics from Inner System Blues in order to fit in a bunch of spaceship options in Cosmic Highway. Of course, the whole idea behind this is that you can easily use the stuff from either game with the other; stuff like gear options is more descriptive than mechanical by design. 

This game—and the new version of Inner System Blues, v1.3—also sees some slight but significant changes following recent playtesting. The dice success ranges have been tweaked and rephrased to better produce the spread of results I want to see; GM advice has been tidied up and moved under Rules; and the Details column has been expanded to avoid confusion about how to actually use it. I may mix up the format in future 2400s, but this seems like a fine template for these two games.

I'm leaving the game as pay-what-you-want for tonight, at least, so folks browsing immediately after the One-Page RPG Jam feel free to grab copies. I expect to put a price tag on soon, though, as I add more games. Thanks so much to everyone who's paid for it already!

If you get any 2400 game to the table, please comment or ping me through my website to let me know how it goes!


2400 Inner System Blues v1.3 singles.pdf 4 MB
Sep 01, 2020
2400 Inner System Blues v1.3 b&w.pdf 800 kB
Sep 01, 2020
2400 Inner System Blues v1.3 spreads.pdf 4 MB
Sep 01, 2020
2400 Cosmic Highway v1.0 b&w.pdf 352 kB
Sep 01, 2020
2400 Cosmic Highway v1.0 singles.pdf 4 MB
Sep 01, 2020
2400 Cosmic Highway v1.0 spreads.pdf 4 MB
Sep 01, 2020

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