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Hit + Die is a very brief game about very brief adventuring careers. As a submission to the One Hit Point jam, it offers a number of characters and creatures that can all be felled by a single blow. Rely on your HD—be it an indicator of hardiness, hexes, holiness, haste, or harmony—to beat the enemy before they can beat you, else save versus death and pray for the best.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorJason Tocci
GenreRole Playing
TagsDragons, dungeons, Fantasy, microgame


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(2 edits) (+4)

Dude, you forgot a class!

The Wildling
• Constitution grants a d6 hunt die (hd) for wilderness, animals & plants
• Berserker delays the result of a save vs. death until the fight is over, once a day
• Bloodhound gives you an edge when tracking known prey
• Pack lets you call on a wild animal for help, 3 times a day
• Items include hunting spear, shamanic amulets, precious furs, dried mushrooms


“I would love to see somebody else make a class for this,” I thought, “but it’s probably too much to ask people to figure out a word starting with H for every dang class’s hit die.” 😆 

My thought was more like "Hey were's the CON class?" - that's why I made a mix of Druid, Ranger, and Barbarian. But I guess making all the AD&D (or even 5E) classes would be fun... 

Keep me in mind if you want help with Advanced Hit + Die ;p

Glad I found you again btw - so many cool peeps I lost touch with since G+...

Likewise! And if I do make more for this game, I’ll give you a holler, and possibly rethink the decision to name it something impossible to google for. 😆

Hahaha! Didn't think of that...

(1 edit)

Now I have two questions: How hard would it be to make a french version? Could we include this extra class?


I don't know French, so it would be pretty hard for me, but if you want to give it a go, please do let me know what you come up with! As for the extra class, I'd say ask Eric, as he's the one who wrote it. :)


Go for it Nicolas!