Hit + Die 1.3

Fixed some typos and altered some phrasing for clarity. Only a couple minor but explicit rule changes:

  • Bard's "Jack of All Trades" ability used to work any number of times on things other party members are no good at; now it just works 3 times a day to avoid the need for rulings when they party splits up or other members gain new abilities
  • Rolling used to only specify using your HD, or a d4, or best of that die and a d12 with an edge (formerly advantage) from items or context; now also specifies to use a d4 instead of HD when target is hindered, which is deliberately open to interpretation, but explicitly happens on any save vs. death, so as to make a more reasonable (if still not easy) path to victory against giant monsters


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Sep 28, 2019
Hit + Die v1.2.pdf 727 kB
Sep 28, 2019

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