Hit + Die 1.2

Made one significant rules change, plus some additional minor changes for clarity:

  • HD previously differed by character type, an artifact of an earlier, pre-release design that made no sense in a context where ability determines significant differences between characters; now all characters start with d6 HD, which can go up in time
  • Added some text under Characters & Quest rewards headings to clarify how to approach these sections; added a bonus item of the player's choice for every character, so replacing dead characters is a bet less weirdly repetitive
  • Each character type's first ability (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, etc.) is now explicitly tied to the kind of HD they get; clever players may interpret this to mean that the "gain a new ability" quest reward could, should the DM agree, grant another type of HD, which is indeed the designer's far-too-subtle attempt to leave the door open for multiclassing (but note that "increase the size of your HD" is only meant to raise 1 HD at a time)
  • Abilities all rephrased a wee bit, with some fancy italics, for better fit & clearer explanations
  • Save vs. Death results now offer slightly more guidance
  • Die Master & Players guidelines slightly rephrased to get aims across more clearly
  • Tweaked dragon & giant HD to make battles with them less interminable (but be advised that you should still try to outwit giants rather than fight them, given the long odds of beating them on an attack roll and then having them roll poorly on a save vs. death)


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Sep 28, 2019
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Sep 27, 2019

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