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Advanced Let's Play Pretend 2nd Edition is a business-card-sized, quick-start setup to help an experienced (or at least open-minded) game moderator introduce new people to the hobby, as per the OnRamp Jam rules by The Indie Game Reading Club. Please leave a comment or ping me via Pretendo Games if you decide to run this, print this, hack this, or demand of me, "Is this some kind of joke?"


ALPP2e Revised 61 kB

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I love this! May I also recommend similar projects from myself and another? I love stuffing my wallet with these.

Thank you! And please, recommend away!



Oh wow, I really dig these! Feels like I kind of reinvented the wheel now that I've seen Instant RPG, but let's go with "great minds think alike." :) 

It is the latter for sure! The RPS mechanic is gaining popularity in a bunch of places without cross-pollination, like some zeitgeist thingamy!