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No one knows where they came from, or why they do what they do. 
A lighter that explodes the nearest 4-door sedan.
A pair of maternity jeans that grant diplomatic immunity.
A briefcase that opens to reveal a fresh plate of pasta, every time. 
Every one is different, just like the oddballs who collect them.
Just like you. 

Odd Luck Charms is a playing-card-based RPG about ordinary people going to inadvisable lengths to get their hands on extraordinary things. 

  • 20-page booklet with the dimensions of a deck of poker cards
  • Draw a card to check for success, with degrees of yes, no, or things get weird
  • 52 strange objects, 26 character traits, 13 friends or rivals, 13 twists, and additional tables to generate people and places

Print-and-play cards are also available free, including the 52 cards from the booklet, 18 sample traits, blank trait and object cards, and short rule summaries. (A print-on-demand card deck is also in development. Definitely don't be shy about grabbing a community copy now if you think you'll want to pay for a physical copy later.)

Inspirations include The Lost Room (SyFy), Warehouse 13 (SyFy), Control (Remedy Games), North by Northwest (Hitchcock), with rules built on Royal Blood (Grant Howitt)

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorJason Tocci
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Tagscards, Comedy


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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This looks very fun!


A really good and rules light take on Warehouse 13 and The Lost Room TV Series. If you want to play in a strange world and solve problems using strange items - this is your game!

Also, the included tables make it super easy to pick up and play! 

Thanks Jason!


Thank you! I playtested this waaaay back at Metatopia 2017, but stuck it on the back burner when the feedback got me thinking about bigger questions than I was prepared to tackle at the time. (Especially: Is this well served by a deck of playing cards, or should it be designed as a deck-based game of its own?) Now that I'm posting in-development things on Itch, though, it seemed like a good time to dust it off and get back to working on it out in the open!