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I really like planar games like this one. Well done, Jason!


Thanks so much — glad you enjoy it!

Hello Jason? What's this delicious font you're using for the titles? 🥺 It's so beautiful.


I believe it’s called Berolina!

Thank you so much! ♥

This is exactly the kind of collection I'd love to see printed into a deck of cards <3

I love how you could use this for any game where you would like to change your location in an unorthodox way!

Thanks! I'm planning on using it for some Soft Horizon games myself. :) 

this game is extremely beautiful and designed to be so sleek and compact but with so much information in it. i love all the backgrounds so much; the way they're written makes so much more sense to me than the way skills, spells, and items are described in the original tunnel goons game and i super appreciate that. this is just amazing from start to finish.

Thank you so much!


We used these backgrounds in addition to the backgrounds provided in TROIKA! to double the number of options. It really created an interesting group dynamic when we decided that the player who rolled "Restless Spirit" would be the dead parent of the player who rolled a "Vengeful Child." These are a great addition to the game!


That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!