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Really enjoyed reading the game. And I can't wait to make my players testing it.

Is it possible for me to propose a French translation of this game? (Sorry if it's not the right place to ask).


You are welcome to make a French translation!

I just ran this for the first time this morning - so incredibly smooth! Thanks Jason :)

My only feedback is my players asked for more souls, but that's easy to tweak to my table's preference ^_^

Thank you so much for the feedback — that's great to hear! And yeah, it's probably easier and more satisfying just to do 100 x HD souls rather than d100 x HD.


^_^ They like the random aspect of the d100 roll, so I've just capped it at 50 minimum for them.

I've also been granting them physical soul object item drops (Soul of an Unknown Undead, etc) that they can use to get 2d100 souls each, so I'll probably also just sprinkle a few more of those into the loot.

The absolutely tight mechanics of this are really awesome though - love the equipment based play and the trade off between weight, defense and speed!

Been using loot and extra spells from Grave just for a bit more content  - we liked it so much we're doing a second session this weekend! Woot!

Aw, I love this, thank you!